Jessika is an interactive found-footage novella, which unveils the dark and dangerous secrets of our name-giving protagonist. The theme is comparable to movies like American History X, Aus dem Nichts or Kriegerin and the gameplay is inspired by Sam Barlow’s Her Story.

The game itself simulates a desktop environment and works with different media formats, that all depict Jessika who is played by a real actress. During the playtime, you will recover lost data about potential crimes unraveling the background and intentions of Jessika. You gain access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and can search a database by entering words into a search engine. If the entered word is the same as one of the tags that is attached to every media file, the player will be presented with said file and can watch or open it. A media file can be a video, image, text or sound file that contains information about Jessika.


Pierre Schlömp: Game Design & Narration

Sarah Abouzari: Game Development and Graphic Design

Seren Besorak: Video Director & Project Manager