Hey! I’m Sarah, a game developer based in Cologne. You will often find me lost in code, as I spend most of my time developing games and mobile apps.

Early 2019 I have completed my BA in Digital Games at Cologne Game Lab (TH Cologne) with focus on programming. Simultaneously I've worked as a VR/AR developer at MOVR GmbH, where I've taken part in developing various applications for well known companies such as Bayer and Fraunhofer.

Since early 2020 I have been working as a freelance programmer and have co-founded a Cologne based Game Studio TriTrie Games UG.

Other than being a semi-productive introvert, I like to share my passion for programming and continuously try to get as many people as possible interested in tech and code. Sometimes this even leads me to stand on a stage and inform young people about my profession in order to make our industry even more accessible: